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Top 5 Ideation Objectives for Innovation [Infographic]


Both a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Linus Pauling believed,

“The best way to get a good idea is to have a lot of ideas…get lots of ideas and throw the bad ones away.”

Build your Innovation Portfolio on the best ideas captured through Ideation.

For innovative and creative organizations, the challenge is not a lack of good ideas, but no effective system in place to review, score, catalog and process these ideas through the pipeline. To focus on the best and “throw the bad ones away” a strategic, competent company needs an Innovation Resource Management tool.

This infographic contains the five main objectives for organizations looking to ideate and collaborate more effectively in a competitive landscape. Please click on the image to direct you to a larger format for viewing.

Technology Scouting

Discover incremental or adjacent technology to solve for unmet, near-term business needs and request ideas from external partnerships. Identify collaborative partners and vet industry relationships to position new ideas as achievable in fast-paced competitive markets.

Sustaining Innovation

Keep your solver network coming back with new ideas for innovation challenges through efficient collaboration and engaging gamification. Ideas are encouraged and collected from internal employees and/or external sources like subject matter experts, startups, vendors, or customers.

Manage & Automate Ideation

Instantly score and rank ideas to promote the best solutions. Workflow tasks and analytics identify performance gaps and measure results. Configurable collaboration Kanban to keep the project organized and the innovators accountable for progress.

Idea-to-Product Speed

Collaboration propels new product development, and the key decision makers of projects act quickly when it is time for ideas in R&D to go to market. Crowdsourcing aids faster innovation and a resourceful innovation ecosystem relies on effective systems to move the project pipeline.

ROI Measurement

Reach ROI2 within the open innovation platform. Increase R&D productivity, FTE cost savings, and mitigate risk to gain market share.  Define target PVI and achieve positive NPV for incremental Innovation Portfolio growth.

Our innovation management workflow software provides a robust functionality with easy-to-use structure that allows you to manage every step of the ideation and collaboration processes, from initial idea reviews through to product lifecycle management stages. Ezassi provides the technology to innovate faster.

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