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Technology Challenge

We’ve written about the innovation software process before, but understanding how ideas flow through innovation software is very important from a couple of perspectives, depending on which style of innovation you move forward with; internal or external.   Ideas Flow Through Innovation Software Innovation - The Unstructured Idea Capture Format The first style of an innovation process we should talk about is the unstructured style. With open innovation software, you open yourself up to collaboration among users, to better develop, collaborate and iterate on ideas, don’t put much in terms of limits on those ideas (allowing for more creativity and disrupting ideas) and ultimately create an environment to innovate safely with your innovation resources. This format is used when users have signed off on the necessary terms and conditions and non-disclosure agreements. Many customers use this internally, where all ideation and innovation is safe from IP risks.   How a submitter submits their idea with an...

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Top 10 Innovation Software Features

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Simply striving for innovation isn’t quite enough. Choosing innovation software features or a platform and seem to make things a bit more complicated while getting started. What should you look for in features? What’s important and what isn’t? All questions that we can easily assist you in answering and help you move forward quicker with your innovation strategy.   The right innovation software features are key to the success of your strategy. With the right software, your innovation efforts should feel streamlined, effortless and, ultimately, effective. There seems to be 10 features of interest that you’ll want to look for while choosing your software.   A Branded Microsite A branded microsite helps maintain your brands image while launching your innovation challenges, whether internal or external. Although, this is more important for external challenges. This ensures you maintain control over your branding always and further pushes that image when it comes to innovation so that your...

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open innovation challenge Encapsulation Delivery Technologies

eZassi Launches Encapsulation Delivery Technologies Challenge We’ve launched our next open innovation challenge, Encapsulation Delivery Technologies. In partnership with our client, a global industry leader, we are seeking solvers to submit ideas and technology approaches to improve Delivery Technologies in the following ways: Controlled delivery Release mechanisms Encapsulation chemistry Enhancement of the properties of consumer/commercial goods through delivery technology All solvers are invited to submit their ideas through our open innovation challenge software portal at  ...

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