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6 Powerful Open Innovation Software Features : eZassi

6 Powerful Open Innovation Software Features : eZassi


The free flow of information is a critical component of effective open innovation. Without it, your ideas might perish before they ever get a chance to get off the ground.

While software tools definitely help, it’s important that yours go above and beyond. eZassi’s unique software platform facilitates more impactful crowdsourcing with features that let you dictate how your ideas evolve, adapt and grow. Here are six for starters:


A Fully Functional, Branded Microsite


Deploy your own branded, public-facing portal from your corporate site or other digital location. A single point of entry and professional branding makes it easier to share and test promising concepts.


Single Sign-On Capability


Employees, community members, end users, project administrators and other important stakeholders all deserve the chance to contribute. eZassi Innovate permits secure external sign on so that authorized participants can all play their part. Customize your content to suit different audiences and share ideas more readily.


A Brand New, Intuitive Dashboard


The eZassi dashboard ensures that you never get lost. With clear, innovative tools and UI features, you’ll be able to upload data, search content and organize concepts seamlessly. Your data, communities, challenges,and analytics, have never been this easy to track and leverage.


The Ability to Launch and Manage Innovation Challenges


What drives participation? eZassi lets you engage wider audiences by creating contests, innovation challenges, and other fun submission campaigns.

Focus on consumers, experts and suppliers by empowering users to join communities with one-click registration and make their voices heard. New registrants can even choose to have their user profiles populated from LinkedIn and other social accounts, so you get instant access to more data.


Unstructured Data Capturing and Filtering


Data is important, but it’s what you do with it that really counts. The eZassi Innovate platform gives you the power to create your own information capture and filtering metrics so that you can make more informed decisions.


Structured Idea Capture Features That Protect You Against IP Risk


Need to accept unsolicited ideas? eZassi’s structured IP submission tools let anyone contribute securely. Your perspective grows wider without your risk increasing in kind.

eZassi Innovate is breaking the idea management mold. Discover how it can make your innovation process more effective. Learn more here