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The collaboration and innovation of human health researchers and life science industries are a vital partnership to support a healthier global population. From solutions that provide basic human needs to the the latest epidemic fighting technology to inventions that improve the health of marginalized people with disabilities, organizations are innovating to provide a better standard of life for millions.

Collaboration for Clean Water is the Current Mother of Invention

Water makes up 70% of the Earth’s surface, but only 2.5% is drinkable. In 2018 the World Bank and the U.N. released a joint report that claimed 40% of the world population suffers from water scarcity and that by 2030, 700 million people may be displaced because of it.

If you live in an area where you have filtered water, you might not be thinking of the 159 million people who depend on untreated water (rivers, lakes, ponds, and streams). Such is the case in Peru, where women gather along the rivers to socialize and wash clothes. Unbeknownst to them, the clothes’ washing was contaminating the river they also used for drinking water, causing various diseases.

Introducing AWA, the project that seeks to decontaminate rivers for those who depend on untreated water. The project is a partnership between Andea, a bottle water company, and Cirsys (a Peruvian innovation start-up that seeks technological solutions for social development). The bar soap contains microorganisms that feed itself from the river’s pollution, reducing nitrates and ammoniac, which spread bacteria that affect humans. The efficiency rate is 75-85%.  This collaboration released the AWA formula to industries and governments to help even more people, bringing a regional project to a more meaningful world stage, prepared to impact millions in search of clean water.

Meanwhile, many others globally have no local fresh water and look to the oceans as a source. The Engineers of Ural Federal University (UrFU) have developed a simple and cost-effective desalination technology by modifying a solar still and integrating it with an outdoor solar water heater. A solar collector sits under a rotating hollow cylinder inside a solar distiller. As the cylinder rotates, a thin film of water forms on both the outer and inner surfaces. The solar collector is used to increase the temperature of the water bringing drinkable water to populations that have scarcity.

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Innovative Ideas During A Pandemic

COVID has transformed our lives and the strategies that businesses use to approach a constantly-changing landscape. These innovations are true examples of competitive and useful responses to urgent health needs during the pandemic crisis.

Research scientists at Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, and Luis Soenksen, a Venture Builder at MIT’s Abdul Latif Jameel Clinic for Machine Learning in Health embedded freeze-dried SHERLOCK sensors into the inside of a paper mask.  

They surrounded the sensors with silicone elastomers and added a small water reservoir. Then a test is initiated by pushing a button and releasing water to replicate the presence of breath droplets through breathing and speech. It takes 90 minutes to analyze the accumulated breath droplets, and the  results display on the inside of the mask. 

The results are comparable to the PCR test, but it’s as fast as the antigen tests. By swapping sensors for other pathogens and placing them on lab coats or other textiles, this technology can also detect influenza, Ebola, Zika, and organophosphate nerve agents. Gaining new technology opportunities in testing for viruses will aid in the spread of new ones.

Consumer companies like the appliance giant, Instant Brands, innovated quickly during the pandemic to provide first responders with a decontaminating process for their N95 masks in the Instant Pot. Communicating to their customers a necessary virus-transmission prevention option was a crucial opportunity to earn trust and importance during the height of the pandemic. Next, as the demand for air purifiers grew, Instant Brands saw a new normal emerging and felt a deep responsibility to help again. Their 3-in-1 HEPA-13 filtration plus plasma ion technology is capable of “removing 99.9% of the virus that causes COVID-19.” Quick innovation by large companies leads to incredible leaps in sales and profits and can transform the healthcare industry.

PharmStars™ is the first and only non-proprietary pharma-focused accelerator aimed at bridging the pharma-startup gap to drive greater adoption of digital health. The first cohort will focus on digital health innovations that improve the speed and efficiency of clinical trials.
By better connecting and educating startups with the pharmaceutical and biotech industries the patient experience is transformed, especially in volatile times of health crisis.

Designing Technology for Improved Mobility

Through the effective use of innovative software from Ezassi the solutions to the world’s biggest health challenges are finding real and applicable outcomes. Utilize our Technology Scouting and Ideation Software to connect your Research & Development and Engineering Departments to help solve innovation challenges. We assist our clients looking to identify disruptive and emerging technology, locate the right startups, and source the best vendors in that industry.

Ashirase, Inc., a startup that originated from IGNITION, Honda‘s new business creation program, is in the process of developing an in-shoe navigation system to help the visually impaired navigate while freeing up their ears for listening and their hands from carrying canes. The device is inserted into shoes and linked to a smartphone app. Once a destination is set, the device in the shoe will vibrate to help users navigate in a hands-free way. The device vibrates at the left, right, or front of the shoe to indicate direction. When it comes to corners, the device will vibrate more broadly, signaling to stop.  If you’re a company like Honda and you want to accelerate innovation, look at their IGNITION program for insight into building successful collaboration with your associates.

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