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3 Powerful Innovation Management Software Features – eZassi 3.0

Ezassi’s Innovation Management Software v3.0 makes it easy for companies, large and small, to manage their open innovation process from idea capture to creating winning products and services.


Today, we’ll cover three key features from this version 3.0 including:


1. Innovation Portal
2. Easy Registration and Single-Sign-On
3. Customized Content for All Audience Types


One of the key features of version 3.0 is the innovation portal.


1. Version 3.0 Includes a Uniquely Branded, Public Facing Innovation Portal

This easy to find, uniquely branded, public facing innovation portal website can run off a custom URL or your corporate domain.

Innovation Software Management Portal


2. Easy Registration and Single Sign On

  • From one single point of entry, employees, external users, and administrators can log in to participate in and manage all aspects of the innovation process.
  • One-click registration and auto-profiling make it easy for users to instantly auto-populate profile information from social networks such as LinkedIn and others.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) allows employees instant access to your innovation portal.
    External sign-in allows any user to register and participate in innovation challenges, communities, and structured and unstructured idea submission.

Innovation Software Single Point Sign-On


3. Customized Content for All Audience Types


  • Using the idea management software, you can reach all audience types including technical users, non-technical users, and employees.
  • You can customize the content for each audience type and collect unsolicited structured IP protected idea submissions.
  • Innovation challenges offer technical and non-technical users a place to submit their idea, whether they be consumer, supplier, or expert focused.
  • Using the powerful features in Version 3.0 of eZassi’s innovation management software, companies can quickly build communities and attract the right users internally and externally and manage their entire process from one place.

Innovation Software Custom Content for Audiences


If you’re interested in learning how eZassi’s open innovation software platform can enable you to create winning products at a faster rate than ever before, request a demo.