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Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit Speakers

Announcing Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit Speakers Lineup

Today we are excited to announce the Innovation and Growth Leadership Summit Speakers. The conference date is February 27-28, 2018 and will be held in Phoenix, Arizona. The speaker lineup includes:

Quinault Childs, Research Manage, Food Futures Lab


Quinault is a research manager in IFTF’s Food Futures Lab. He comes from a background in food and agriculture entrepreneurship, which most recently includes co-founding a company that uses insects to upcycle food waste into animal feed. He is fascinated by applying systems thinking to explore the interconnected nature of food and society, using storytelling as education, and encouraging everyone to become more adventurous eaters.

Quinault holds a B.S. in Human Factors Engineering and an M.S. in Agriculture, Food, and Environment—both from Tufts University in Boston, MA.

Karen Stanton, Global Marketing & Branding Director at International Flavors & Fragrances


A dynamic and energetic leader and change agent in Innovation, Marketing and Insights across Asia, Pacific and North America. Expertise in startups and multinational environments.

Specialties: Innovation and New Product Development Consulting, Strategic Insights
Trend Tracking & Predicting, Ideation & facilitation, Consumer Insights, Sensory.

Steph Barry, Managing Director, Global Market Development, Solatube International, Inc.


Steph focuses on making organizations better culturally, strategically and operationally in a consulting or full-time senior leadership capacity. For more than two decades, she’s lead organizations to drive growth, embrace change and help them become leaders in their space.

Herman So, Vice President, Kent Corporation


Herman was recently brought into Kent from subsidiary Grain Processing to provide thought-leadership on corporation-wide innovation efforts to accelerate growth and increase revenue & earnings long into the future. In collaboration with all Kent Corporation’s subsidiaries (Grain Processing Corporation, Kent Nutrition Group, Kent Pet Group, and Kent Precision Foods Group), his role is to identify new ideas, expand market research, understand customers’ needs and identify disruptive innovation.

Rohan Thambrahalli, President and Managing Partner at The Upstart Group


Rohan Thambrahalii is the President and Managing Partner of The Upstart Group, a division of Anchora Group. Rohan is an astute and visionary leader who has directed the development of unified marketing strategies for companies such as Grainger, GE Money, and more, building world class brands, delivering ‘WOW’ end-to-end customer experiences, and generating exponential market growth. His current experience includes business relationships with Amazon,, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Dillard’s, and Target; his expertise spans Global Sales, Ecommerce, Industrial Distribution, and Retail Channels. He brings unique insight into the way e-commerce and product distribution channels – and particularly Amazon – are changing buying patterns across industry.

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