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Upcoming Radio Show Event

Disruptive Solutions Mindset 101

on Coffee Break with Game-Changers Radio
LIVE Wednesday, August 16, 2017 at 8 am PT / 11 am ET

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disruptive solutions mindset listen livePlease join us as Denise Fletcher, our Chief Innovation Officer, will be a guest speaker on the Coffee Break with Game-Changers radio show, hosted by Bonnie D. Graham. The episode is titled “Disruptive Solutions Mindset 101” and will focus on “rapid change forcing today’s visionary business leaders to replace conventional growth models with a Disruptive Solutions mindset.” Denise will provide insight from her role as Chief Innovation Officer at Xerox and how Ezassi specializes in developing disruptive technology through a unique set of innovation solutions with a disruptive solutions mindset, ever evolving.

disruptive solutions mindset why listenDisruptive Solutions Mindset
Advancing Innovation Management

Ezassi brings together consumers, internal employees, external academics, researchers, engineers and scientists from around the world to solve and collaborate on specific challenges, embracing the disruptive solutions mindset. Any company, in any industry, can issue a challenge and receive solution submissions from people in every corner of the globe. Ideas are auto scored according to specific criteria that have been pre-determined by the company. The program is even capable of automatically advancing highly ranked ideas and creating a workflow to keep the innovation process moving.


The Ezassi innovation software relies on predictive analytics to quickly identify solutions that have the most potential to be transformed into highly innovative and disruptive technology. Businesses can mitigate their risks and make sure that they are investing time and effort into promising technology that the competition isn’t already developing. It is the perfect tool for not just staying on top of trends, but predicting and capitalizing on the future of markets.

Disruptive Solutions Mindset
Cyber Scouting Technology

Cyber scouting is key to the Ezassi disruptive solution mindset and a primary component to our advanced innovation technology. The proprietary technology scouting approach allows businesses to uncover disruptive technologies and identify solvers for their innovation technology needs.  Ezassi’s dynamic network solution utilizes a vast curated network of over one million technical solvers.  Our unique, searchbot technology data mines and crawls the worldwide web to unearth new disruptive solutions and innovators in real-time for the duration of the challenge.

Disruptive Solutions Mindset
Innovation Thought Leader

Densie Fletcher, CIODenise Fletcher spent years as a highly acclaimed and recognized thought leader at national brands, such as Xerox, before becoming the Chief Innovation Officer at Ezassi. In just a matter of months, Fletcher has managed to successfully step into her new role and become a powerful force. Her experience in innovation and research and development perfectly positions her to change the way businesses and industries drive disruptive innovation — fully engaging the disruptive solutions mindset.


The upcoming episode is a must listen for any business owner who wants to gain a better understanding of the importance of innovation and how it works on practical level. The discussion is sure to be informational and informative, and turn what might seem like an abstract concept into something concrete and actionable.