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Intellectual Property Protection with Innovation Software

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection is the biggest obstacle to an effective, sustained open innovation initiative. IP protection is complicated because both the company and potential contributors have developed concepts and systems, and sharing them brings risks unless tools are in place to protect it. The challenge is to balance these competing IP needs to assure a continual flow of quality submissions. Ezassi has IP protection built into our robust Idea & Open Innovation Management Solution, allowing organizations to confidently maximize the benefits of an OI system.


The Need for IP Protection for Open Innovation

Intellectual Property protection is necessary to Open Innovation for three reasons:


Trust. Open Innovation requires the development of a symbiotic relationship between the Corporation and its contributors. For this to occur, there must be trust between the parties that their IP will not be exploited by the other. An effective IP protection establishes the trust environment.


Reputation. Companies must have a proven track record of protecting the IP of contributors, or its Open Innovation program will fail. A robust IP protection system assures that contributors are treated with respect and fairness, which establishes the organization’s positive reputation in the Open Innovation community.


Protection. Some Open Innovation submissions are identical to projects already in development within an organization. Effective IP protection protects the company from lawsuits and a damaged reputation.


Ezassi’s IP Protection System

Ezassi’s bilateral IP protection program has the strength and complexity to attract the best and brightest contributors to your organization.  Our Innovation Software system:


Makes it Easy. It is fully automated, documenting who, when and what of each submission, protecting both you and the contributor.


Includes Bilateral CDAs. Submitters complete mutual confidentiality agreements, which eases fears and builds trust.


Evaluates Submissions. Our Capture Methodology filters out the mediocre concepts, passing on only the best for consideration, saving you time and money.


Assesses Status. Uses an “digital interview” format to learn more about the contributor and their submission, so you know exactly who they are and the status of their concept, including patented or patent pending.


Conducts Due Diligence. For projects that have passed through the filter, the system evaluates concepts market potential as well as identifies manufacturing issues and potential regulatory challenges. This allows you to make the best choices utilizing the least resources.


Customizes. Ezassi’s IPP system is completely in your control. You set the filters, the requirements, and all other evaluation parameters. Regardless of your industry, you can structure the perfect IPP program and submission process that fits your needs.


Open innovation is growing because more and more companies realize that this process is necessary to remain responsive and relevant in their respective markets. Despite understanding the need for effective OI, few organizations use the right tools to assure success. Ezassi’s Idea & Open Innovation Management Solution with IP Protection provides the structures and features you need to develop a valuable OI system. Contact us to learn more or request a demo to experience this powerful system.